Scholarships & Bursaries


2019-2020 Lake Cowichan School Local Scholarships

Scholarship Instructions and Tips


  1. Read through the criteria for each scholarship and bursary to see which ones you qualify for: 2019/20 Scholarship Booklet
  2. Print off a Summary Sheet and keep track of the awards for which you will apply for:  2019/2020 Summary Sheet
  3. Download & fill out an General Application Form for EACH scholarship/bursary you are applying for and save it.  Print and sign EACH when complete.  2019/2020 General Application Form
  4. Make sure to look carefully at the list of awards below to see if they require special application forms.  There will be a link listed if so and this is to be done in addition to general application form.
  5. Below are the links to all scholarship/bursaries offered.  If there is no active link, it has not been confirmed to be offered this year.
  • A. Brian Simmons Scholarship
  • Archie and Mary Greenwell Bursary
  • B.P.O. Elks of Lake Cowichan “Ron Nielson Memorial Scholarship”
  • Bell-Kretschmer Memorial Bursary
  • Beta Sigma Phi Bursary
  • Bill & Denise Allan Small Business Bursary
  • Brock McLeod Memorial Bursary
  • Canadian Federation of University Women
  • Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 5101
  • Carmanah Pizza Scholarship
  • Catalyst Paper, Crofton Division x 6
  • Catalyst Paper, Crofton Division – Indigenous Peoples  x 6
  • Chanon S. Gill Scholarship
  • Coast Capital Youth Get it Awards -Standing Tall Awards
  • Cowichan & Chemainus Valley Arts Scholarship
  • Cowichan & Chemainus Valley Sports Scholarship
  • Cowichan Creamery Agricultural Scholarship Trust Society
  • Cowichan Field Hockey Association Bursary (Male) x 2
  • Cowichan Folk Guild
  • Cowichan Lake Community Forest Cooperative x 3
  • Cowichan Lake District Chamber of Commerce Scholarship x 2
  • Cowichan Spirit of Women Bursary
  • Cowichan Tribes Scholarship Awards
  • Cowichan Valley Division of Family Practice Bursary
  • Cowichan Valley Division of Family Practice Scholarship
  • Cowichan Valley Minor Hockey Association Bursary
  • Cowichan Valley Minor Hockey Association Scholarship
  • Cowichan Valley Naturalists’ Society
  • Cowichan Valley Principal and Vice-Principal’s Association Scholarship
  • Cowichan Valley Regional District Area F
  • Cowichan Valley Regional District Area I
  • Cowichan Valley Retired Teachers’ Association (Lloyd Gardner Memorial Bursary)
  • Cowichan Wheels Bursary
  • Crofton Community Centre Society Bursary Program
  • Darryl Smith Memorial Bursary
  • Duncan Basketball Association Scholarships
  • Duncan Daybreak Rotary Club Performing Arts Scholarship
  • Evening Optimist Club of Victoria Bursary
  • Forest Legacy Bursary
  • Forest Legacy Scholarship
  • George Alistair Mackay Scholarship
  • Gerald Thom Environmental Studies Bursary
  • Health Care Youth Volunteer Memorial Bursary
  • Jaswant Singh & Sham Kaur Berar Scholarship
  • Jeff Abbott Memorial Bursary (Youbou Fire Department)
  • John Tuck Community Services Award x 3
  • Jordan Melchior Memorial Trades Scholarship
  • Kaatza Lakeside Players Society Bursary
  • Ken Long Firemen’s Memorial Bursary (LC Fire Department)
  • Lake Cowichan District Minor Hockey Association x 2
  • Lake Cowichan Kinettes Bursary
  • Lake Cowichan Kinsmen Scholarship x 3
  • Lake Cowican Royal Canadian Legion x 6
  • Lake Cowichan School Alumni
  • Lake Cowichan School Parent Advisory Committee Scholarships x 2
  • Lake Cowichan Teachers Association Scholarship
  • Lake Dance Bursary
  • Lake Dental Health Centre Bursary
  • Laketown Ranch Benevolent Society Scholarship
  • Mid Island Co-op x 2
  • Molly Halton Award
  • Monk Office Supply
  • Mosaic Forest Management Scholarship / Bursary
  • Palsson School Scholarship
  • Public Guardian and Trustee Educational Assistance Fund Bursary
  • Queen of Angels Catholic School – David McKinnon Memorial Bursary
  • Queen of Angels Catholic School – Robertha Honora Pascoe Memorial Bursary
  • Queen of Angels School Parent Auxiliary Bursary
  • Ram Johal Memorial Bursary
  • Raoula Pedersen Memorial Fine Arts Scholarship
  • Shane Riggs Memorial Bursary
  • St. Edward’s Catholic Women’s League
  • THESA (Teachers of Home Economics Specialist Association) Bursary
  • Tom Clark Memorial Bursary
  • Town of Lake Cowichan x 2
  • United Steelworkers Local 1-1937 Bob Freer, Ernie Freer, Jack Mumm, Sid Thompson and Bill Wilson Memorial Scholarship
  • United Steelworkers Local 1-1937 School District No. 79 Employees
  • Vancouver Island University Entrance Scholarship
  • Wunderlich Safety Scholarship
  • XEROX Canada Scholarship

6.Complete your scholarship application package in the following order:

  • Summary Sheet with total number of bursaries/scholarships applied for.
  • Application Form- customize for each scholarship by typing in the scholarship name and contacts.
  • Cover Letter (sometimes called an Autobiographical Essay) – see example below
  • Academic Resume – see example below
  • 2-3 reference letters
  • Transcript (Get this from Mrs. Brooks)
  1. Hand in PAPER-CLIPPED packages (one for each scholarship/bursary applying for) to the office by 4:00pm on Tuesday, April 7, 2020.
  2. The office staff will contact you, if needed, to finalize application forms.

Sample Resume and Cover Letter:

Resume / Cover Letter

* Please see Mrs. Battye or Mrs. Brooks if you need some help. We want you to succeed and are here to help*

Good luck and we encourage you to apply for all you can!

Bursaries & Scholarships …what’s the difference?

Awards are any kind of non-repayable funding granted to students. The word is used interchangeably with bursary or scholarship.

Bursaries are non-repayable awards to students based on financial need and satisfactory academic standing, sometimes including additional criteria such as program of study or other requirements.

Scholarships are non-repayable awards to students based on merit or high academic achievement usually including additional criteria such as volunteer service, affiliation with a particular organization or other requirements.


Don’t forget to check your university of choice to see what type of awards they offer!